“I’m A Giant!” Doll House (small) update

I have been woefully behind on any and all things doll house  related.  Emily Henderson posted an update on her blog of all the blog-land participating in the doll house challenge and there’s a lot of people out there killing it pretty good. Not so much here.  But I promised an update, so here’s what I got:

Floor plans!

I think because I work a lot of most days in AutoCAD it is hard for me to plan a space without a floor plan.  Having the dimensions of the space set down and available for on-screen twiddling makes the whole process a lot clearer to me.  So you’ll see I gave each space a purpose (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and so on). 

However the space (left over and) intended for the bathroom didn’t quite function as is.

With the current roof pitch, I could just get my giant-sized hand in there and that’s about it.  I googled some doll house images and saw that a lot of doll houses are more “cut off” in the back and I didn’t necessarily need this return roof slope.

So I got out our smallest tack hammer and gently pried that piece out.  Voila — doll house bathroom!

I’m going to take the piece of material I removed from the roof and use it to create a back wall for the bathroom.  I need to shave it down a little first so it will fit into the space.  Next up is the bigger span of roof return on the rest of the house.  However, the work table I am using in the basement is in the one area with absolutely zero light (excuses, excuses, right? Right!) and so I need to remediate that situation this weekend before any further doll house progress can be made.

And because it must be said, there is a person on Etsy selling the little white plastic supports that come in your pizza box as doll house tables.  It says so right in the item description.  Crazytown. 

I’ll leave you on that bomb shell.  Have a great weekend folks!

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