Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching (yay!) and I have so much to be thankful for.  For one thing, this tiny blog has reached 1,000 total page views  after 60 posts.  Thanks for reading everyone!

This small milestone in my new blogger life got me to thinking about all the projects I have yet to finish and all those I would like to start.  There’s a lot.  Maybe too many. 

Here’s the part where I scare away all you readers I worked to entertain.  The basement.

Yes, this is my very own basement in my very own house.  This is one of the many jumbled furniture piles I have down in said basement.  Run away screaming now.

I did a quick inventory to see how bad it really was . . .  It’s official, I may  be eligible for Hoarders on A&E.

Here’s the shame:
2 ottomans – 1 with a wood frame and one fully upholstered
Full size bed upholstered headboard
2 wood lounge chairs with strap seats – 1 with cushions, 1 without any
Slat Nelson-esque end table to match the one I have upstairs in the living room
Armoire in the process of being painted to go up in the bedroom
1 side table that I half-stripped green paint off of and need to finish
1 dining Captain’s Chair
3 vintage wood folding card chairs and a wood folding table
1 white bamboo side table
1 large lamp shade  that I spray-painted black and is waiting for a base
Base of the dining table  (I swapped it because the 4 legged base wouldn’t slide under the banquette)
A white Formica kitchen table (it used to have two chairs but I craigslisted them)
My childhood (child-sized) rocking chair
Mahogany cabinet that used to hold the old big (pre-flat screen) TV upstairs
2 flowered upholstered chairs waiting for their turn in the music room
4 wood folding chairs for use with a 5 foot folding table for dinner parties
2 wood TV trays that used to be bedside tables in our first apartment

So onward and upward.  Hopefully I can conquer this basement in the next 60 posts, right?  Part of the impetus for me to start blogging was to take a small step towards my dream of the “Thompson Guitar and Thrift” store.  After my basement inventory, I might almost be ready for an antique mall booth or an eBay store as a starting point. 

And speaking of projects that I start but don’t finish: The Dollhouse!!!  I’m working on it and should be back this week with a (little) update.  Don’t get too excited — not a lot has changed, but I am working on it slow but steady.

Thanks again for reading my ramblings and assailing your eyes with images of my half-finished projects.  It means the world to me.  I’m an avid blog reader myself and would love to hear of any other good blog recommendations you may have.  Cheers!

2 responses to “Thankful

  1. I love the crazy basement confession! It makes me feel just a little bit better about our storage unit full of chairs, ottomans, side tables, and way too much random stuff. I wish we had a basement to keep all of it in so we didn’t have to pay monthly for the privilege of having our piles of future projects stashed somewhere!

    • Yeah having a basement definitely can lead to hoarding. If I had to pay a storage unit rental fee, I might think twice (but who am I kidding I would probably still collect alley orphans). Now if only the husband could be persuaded to park our classic car curbside, I could fill the garage as well! Cheers – CT

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