Behind an Eight Ball

You guys, I am so behind!!  We have less than 30 days to Christmas and I have just completed ONE of the NINE things I told myself I had time to make.  Granted #2 is about 75% done, but it is time for Pedal to the Metal.

In case anyone was wondering what to get ME for Christmas, I saw this great article a while ago on Apartment Therapy for the “cash strapped collector“.  It’s an interesting list of 10 classic items for under $200.  Actually I heard Santa may be bringing me a new camera.  Three cheers for better pictures on this fricking blog!

I’ll report back if and when I get anything done I can share around here.  At some point I’ll have to decorate for the holidays. I’m thinking of borrowing a few ideas from Emily Henderson’s holiday “Secrets from a Stylist” episode.

Namely this —

We’ll see how it translates.  Love the wall color!  Teal/sapphire blue and lime green and white and wood?  Don’t mind if I do.

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