The Gambler

December is here folks.  Time to make some magic happen.  I have now completed TWO of the nine gifts that I deluded myself into thinking I had time to craft.  Number Three is in progress.  I’ll need to stay on a pace of about two days per gift if I want to pull this one out.

So . . . . have I worked on my house or any of my projects?  Not so much.  I had a somewhat brilliant idea to line the back of the bamboo shades in the music room to make them more private.  Right now you can basically see right through them in the evening.  Considering we have a four family apartment building about five feet north of the side window, it’s not great.

(It’s that window, next to Johnny.  You probably couldn’t tell due to my lackluster photography skills).

I hopped over to Hobby Lobby thinking I would get some black duck cloth or something and lo and behold, they have curtain blackout fabric.  It’s a weird vinyl-y sort of thing that is white on one side and beige-y yellow on the other.  I pulled one shade down and got to work measuring and cutting out a backer piece.

I stitched the blackout fabric with the yellow side towards the blind, so anything that peeps through between the grass reeds would blend in.  It’s a roman type shade so it has multiple rings and a string system to pulley it up.  I stitched the blackout to each ring spot and left it behind the strings.

No dice.  After JT rehung the shade for me and we attempted to operate it, it wouldn’t go all the way up because the blackout fabric is gathering up in a reverse roman shade from the paper/bamboo shade.  Boo.  I need to get back in there and run the blackout between the strings and the shade but that means redoing all the sewing I did the other night and I just don’t have the time right now (Christmas gifts!!!)   But I think (fingers crossed) that it will work out. 

So is anyone else freaked out that it is December?  Does anyone else have total project failures like me?  I thought I would share that it’s not all cake and roses when it comes to getting things done.  Sometimes it takes a few tries and sometimes it just doesn’t work out at all.  You’ve got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them folks.

(PS — That’s The Gambler.  JT played it for me the other night at his solo gig.  I am his gambler — CT has a thing for the slot machines.)

(PPS — I was looking through some images the other day and realized I had never shared Blog Version 1.0 (Beta).  So now I have blog history all the way back to 2010.  I was so late to this party, I’m suprised there’s still booze left, you know?)

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