2011 is going out with a bang.

You guys, I’ve done something crazy. 

I’ve been working towards a bedroom remodel and also had my sights set on the kitchen in 2012.  Yesterday JT and I took the day off work and I bought living room furniture instead.


So here’s the living room as it stands now.

It’s working pretty good except we only have one sofa, two people and two very spoiled dogs.  All four of us end up crammed into the couch every night and it was starting to get old. 

Then I saw an interesting blog post pop up on Mister Modtomic’s site about some Danish Daybeds.  Two.  A matched pair.  One for JT and I and one for the damn dogs. 

(Image above from Mr. Modtomic’s blog)

I couldn’t resist.  I was helpless in the face of more leg room and vintage modern furniture.  Yesterday JT and I  trucked up to North County in the trusty Saturn and loaded her down.

We were once again able to surprise people with what we can cram into this car (like the queen bed before).  Luckily the legs came off and the backrest piece disassembled so it was pretty simple. 

Now — upholstery.  Almost the kiss of death for a designer because it’s so hard to choose.  Really hard.  We put our current sofa on Craigslist (for a pretty good price if you know anyone in the market – ad here) and the ottoman needs to go too so our new floor plan can end up looking like this:

Yep that dashed in circle is the round coffee table I’m on the hunt for next. And the squares are more FLOR area rug.  It never ends people, it never ends.  And my last batch of insanity has killed my crochet gift scarf pace.  I have three more to start and finish in about 5.5 days.  It’s like the bros before hoes rule – Furniture first, life later. 

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