A new bed, hopefully no bed bugs

I thought the only way a new (actual) bed would come into the T’s house would be through months of pleas to JT for a trip to Ikea.  I have been scoping out options on the internet and looked at some things on our stop at the Atlanta Ikea.  I had it narrowed down to these two:

Due to the size of our house (800 sq. ft.!) and the itty-bitty closets people needed back in 1939, underbed storage seemed like a no-brainer.   Along with the function of underbed storage, the drawers will also prevent underbed dog hairball dustbunnies, another plus.

Then the bedroom remodel got thrown into high gear by a potential bed bug outbreak.  Yikes is right. (The exterminator came last night but it’s still not a confirmed bed bug situation).    It turns out having the box spring and mattress on the floor ain’t so good for keeping the bed bugs at bay.  JT, being practical and trying to avoid an Ikea trip (drive to Chicago and mucho shopping), suggested I look around the STL area for a bed we could both live with.

And lo and behold, what did I find?

The Chase collection at World Market.  Probably not the world’s finest furniture but it was affordable-ish at $499 and we wouldn’t have to drive for 10 hours to pick it up.  Once at the store, we found the only ones in-stock were white.  I could live with that.  I wasn’t sure I was too crazy about the faux-rich look of the dark woods.  Then, when we went to check out, we found out it was only $218.00!!!  Cheaper than any of my Ikea options not even including the gas it would take to get to Chicago and back.  We hurried around back, sure they would realize the mistake (or we would realize we accidentally bought a twin size!) 

Somehow it all fit into our small SUV (Saturn Vue Hybrid) and we were off.   But . . . since Target was across the street, and I had just miraculously somehow saved $300 . . .  we ducked in for some new sheets!

Look — a pattern (small scale) and a color (sort of – light grey)

Now things are up in the air a little until we find out more about the dreaded bed bug situation and get the new frame assembled.  Until then, it’s a little bit of urban camping.
It looks like we have a 60 lb furry bedbug!  That’s Shenanigan trying out the new sheets.  The blanket is a crochet wonder that took me about 3 years to complete due to the small, tight stitches.  I’ve had it stored away for a while because the cool grey wasn’t fitting in with what we had going on in the bedroom. . . . now however with our new gray sheets, it looks pretty right on!
This is our “music room” which right now = the room JT stores all his amps and guitars in (and I store all the miscellaneous furniture items that are in limbo).  I also have a plan drawn up for it but with all the other changes we have going on right now, it got moved to the bottom of the list.

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