From crochet to Eames

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I can now show my crochet project.

I made the crochet chain loop necklaces for my mom and sisters.  They’re a lot of work!!! (See the tutorial here.)  The orange one I did as my trial run didn’t finish out quite right so I made it into a fun cat toy for Squiggy, my father-in-law’s cat.

I realize now it seems like I blogged up a lot of crochet angst for three things but there was actually 5 more I forgot to photograph before sending on their merry way.

The crochet necklaces are hanging out on JT’s birthday present . . . an Eames Herman Miller shell chair on a rocker base.  Beautimous.  (As I post this I realized my pictures as still sub-par even with the new camera.  It was dawn at the T household and we were on our way to family Christmas.  Sorry peeps.)

Has everyone seen the Eames PBS special?  It aired last Monday on the American Masters series and it was really engrossing but also (because it was only an hour and a half) touched only briefly on a lot of topics I would have been interested to hear more about.  JT got this great gift from his brother and sister-in-law and they had scored it from a local thrift store.  It used to be on a desk chair base which they switched out so JT could be a rocker.  I’m lucky my husband is a man of style and good taste so he can appreciate such an awesome present. 

In unrelated and random news and amusements, I got back in to the office today and had a postcard waiting in my mailbox.

Yikes! “Upholstery humor!”   I’m about to have some “upholstery humor” as I pick out fabric for our new daybeds.  Wish me luck.

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