Embarrassing admission ahead . . .

I bought the Jonathan Adler “Respect the Roll” toilet paper covers.  Not one but two.  I logged on to their ridiculous website, paid $2.99 per thing-a-ma-jig, waited 2-4 weeks for delivery and came home from work one day to this:

Things “respectfully” designed by Jonathan Adler.  I must be a media-marketing sucker.  I bought into the Target/Missoni craze.  Now I’m buying toilet paper covers?  And they didn’t even come with rolls of toilet paper in them, FYI.

Images from Cottonelle's marketing campaign

But I just love the pattern.  Green and blue.  And trefoils?  Yes please.

Since they have not yet touched toilet paper, I’m thinking they might live in the kitchen to hold dog treats for the spoiled-ass dogs.  Because even my dogs love designer things.

Is anyone else as big a sucker as I am?  Probably not, but now that I’m aware of my weakness for random cheap designer items made for the masses I can get help.  Have a great weekend everyone.  I’ll be at my therapist’s office.  (aka Target.)

6 responses to “Embarrassing admission ahead . . .

  1. hilarious your design addiction has penetrated into your toilet paper…the designs are cute though;)

  2. Nice idea for dog treat holders!! I keep my spoiled rotton dog’s treats in Orla Kiely for Target canisters… those designer for Target products suck me in every time… sigh. happy Friday!

    • Hi Beth! Thankfully the Cottonelle logo isn’t too visible on the top (green on green embossed). I don’t think there’s any home goods, but I’m kind of wondering about this Jason Wu for Target line that’s coming out next. . . . it is such a trap!

  3. There was a short story on NPR this afternoon about the whole phenomenon of top designers designing for Target and whatnot. I missed most of it while pumping gas in the sub freezing wind. Brrrrrr.

    • I’ll have to poke around npr.org and see what I can find. Target and the designers definitely know there’s suckers out there like me. Although if I want really affordable designer “finds”, I’d much rather dig around a Goodwill or antique mall. I checked out Green Shag market yesterday, thanks for the tip!

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