Dip It?

When the blogger’s away . . . . she’s working on more projects so she can have something to blog about?

Or she’s having a melt-down about her job/future/creative career path and can’t get to the computer?

Take your pick . . .

At any rate, this blogger is back with a question – should I dip it?

Let me clarify — there seems to be a growing trend of furniture/decorative items that are partially painted/dipped.  Case in point, these gorgeous chairs I first saw on Desire to Inspire —


Now I have 4 matching chairs being hoarded in my basement and I’m thinking they might look a lot better getting this “dipped” treatment . .

What do you think?

7 responses to “Dip It?

  1. Dip ’em!!!

  2. Go for it! Are you going to use blue?

    • I think I might stick with white on this one. I hadn’t thought of blue, but now that I am, that could be nice too. Hmmmmm …..

  3. Oooooo, I’d say DIP. What the heck… it’s just paint. If you get sick of it you could refinish. I love the “dipped” look. How fun.

    • Thanks Stacey! I’m in the process of cleaning out a little work area in my hoarder’s style basement so I can get to work on these guys. I’m notoriously slow on projects though, so hopefully I’ll have a finished product for blog viewing by oh say November . . . . Cheers – CT

      • OMG, CAN I RELATE! I love the fact that I’m not the only one that takes forever with projects. My intentions are always good and I make the mistake of “setting a due date” and it never works out. LIFE HAPPENS. So trust me when I say… I’m patient and look forward to November’s post. HA HA HA!

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