1st attempt at auctions . . . wish me luck!

I heard about (e.g. read about) from my go-to source for all St. Louis vintage modern, Mister Modtomic, that there is a big auction this Sunday at Vandeventer Vintage.  Yes, that Vandeventer Vintage . . . the one that brought us Paul!

I still love me some Paul.

At the auction on Sunday there will be some more Paul . . . but I’m also kind of eyeing the Paulettes — the McCobb wannabes.

Like this one.

Hello darling.

It looks like there will also be some smalls which might be good for those of us who don’t want to part with large bills.

Hello Nelson clock.  (Although you still may require parting with some large bills . . . )

There also is some music-related “man stuff” (I type with a dose of sarcasm) so hopefully JT won’t mind accompanying me on my first foray into the auction world.

There is a preview between noon and 1pm and the real thing starts at 1:00.  I didn’t actually post images of what I’m really on the prowl for because that might be giving myself competition!  Check out Vandeventer Vintage’s Flickr page for images of all the rest of the items up for grabs.  Any guesses as to what I’m really after?  Here’s a hint — good things come in pairs!

Have a great weekend everyone!  We’re also attempting to get lucky getting our 2nd stove off Craigslist . .. yeah that one that was in all the “Kitchen’s finished” pictures is gone and we have had a gaping hole there for a week . . . And it’s “Cinco de Derby” (right Jess?)  Cheers!  CT

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