Bathroom, Phase I (slow progress)

Its been slow going around the Living Analog household lately.  We’ve been enjoying the long hours of sunshine and spending a little more time outdoors and a little less time around all the technology.  There may have been some guitar buying going on as well . . . in fact a lot of guitar buying has gone on, but that is a separate post.  For now, we are here to discuss the bathroom.  Yes, the bathroom.  We are a house of only one bathroom, so changes in here are hard to come by — you can’t tear the room up and leave it sit while decisions are made or parts are ordered.  However, we did accidentally tear it up just a little bit . . .

I wanted to see what was behind the world’s largest medicine cabinet — did the previous owner continue the bead board?  Was there a crazy paint color or some huge hole to deal with?

There was no bead board . . . . on a whole wall of bead board.  I don’t want to complain too much about the former home owner(s) because I’m sure they had all the best intentions.  But sometimes, I tear at my hair, gnash my teeth and scream “What were they thinking!!!” when things like this appear.

A solution has been decided on — we’re going to do a full height mirror over the sink (top of backsplash to the ceiling with a few inches of finger space to get it hung and help when the sink gets demoed out later).  The mirror should also cover whatever lurks in wait for us under that god-awful light fixture.  The new light fixture . . .

will sit right on the mirror, giving it maybe a little bit of a hotel vibe.  We shall see.  In a series of fortuitous events, I was able to snag this fixture from eBay for $152 + free shipping versus the $260 price tag I was seeing for our local lighting source.

It arrived the other day and I love it.  Now we are just getting some quotes on custom mirrors and soon there will be a Bathroom, Phase I Complete stamp over these images.

But not so fast.  Remember my paint color dilemma?

Well I picked a color — Rainstorm (Sherwin Williams) and started painting, after carefully patching and sanding.  Well the former owners have me a little bit worn out again because these walls have just had horrible things happen to them and every inch of every patch/repair/old adhesive or whatever they put on these walls is showing through.  I’ve called a little bit of a cease and desist on the painting thing til I can get it figured out so right now it just looks like a smeary blue mess/Smurf murder scene #2:

Don’t mind the horrible beige plastic shower surround — that will come down in Bathroom Phase III (there’s actually a window hidden under that beige disaster).  I also had another head shaking moment when I took the cover plate off the vent and saw that the interior of the vent is some sort of duct tape mess.  . . . I’m not even sure I want to tackle that one.  Which means that someday in the future a new homeowner may open the same vent and wonder what the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks I was thinking!

2 responses to “Bathroom, Phase I (slow progress)

  1. I wish I had a dime for every time I shook my head and thought “what the hell were they thinking”? Why did they do that? I guess all home renovators do the head shake a few times during the process. It should become the official renovators dance. Okay everybody do the head shake!!! HA HA! and the sigh. Are you going to switch colors or just paint another coat. Its a really pretty color! What are you thinking about doing?
    I’m a nosy Nora aren’t I?

    • I’ve been hiding from my bathroom dilemma and trying to act like there are no issues lurking behind the door to the little room I visit all the time . . . so we’ll see. I think I’m going to try and power sand the sh*t out of it and get back on with painting (and my life). Thanks for visiting this little ol’ blog of mine after you must be so busy with Freshly Pressed! Cheers – CT

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