To Sell or Not to Sell . . .

I know what a first world problem, right?

Such is the drama that is my life (and for that I am oh so thankful, let me tell you.)

So — to sell or not to sell?  Living Analog’s living room (and music room) is beginning to look like  a game of MCM musical chairs.  Something has to be done.  But the Hans Wenger knock-offs I just got at the auction are staying.  The Eames rocker that was gifted to JT is DEFINITELY staying.  The white vinyl Kroehler that JT found for $30 at Goodwill and used all through college is definitely staying.  The MCM chair gifted from my grandma is definitely staying . . .  Do we sense a pattern here? 

This guy is the only one I’m not über attached to but I’m not sure if I’m ready to quit him yet.

I don’t really have a spot for him now, but maybe in the next house?

I think I’m just stringing myself along — the next house won’t be anytime soon and in the meantime there are at least three more chairs and two ottomans in the basement that I think I want to keep after I fix them up so . . . I think it may be time to sell.  I’m gonna miss you, little white fiberglass Eames knock-off desk chair.  You never really had a fighting chance in the Living Analog living room.  And once you’re gone, I’ll probably have some serious regrets about selling you.  Oh well, a chair hoarder’s gotta do what a chair hoarder’s gotta do — thin the herd to make room for some new chairs!

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