Is your home dog scented?

A while ago Holly Becker over at Decor8 had done a post about each home she visited having its own signature scent.  I thought about that recently and wondered if our scent is dog scent.  Not cool and not really what I want people to be overwhelmed with when they walk in the door.

These little furry mugs might be cute, but their “eau de dog” is not.  Especially Sophie.  She can stink it up like no one’s business.  So for the last year or so, we have been buying incense sticks from DivineScentsations on etsy.  Spice Orange flavor to be exact.   It’s the only thing I’ve found that seems to combat the dog smell but not just layer another stink on top of the dog stink (kind of like the bathroom sprays — I don’t really think they help.)  Also these sticks don’t burn up immediately like some of the cheapy ones you can get at the big box stores which is nice.  You get a nice slow simmer of smell. 

For a while, I had a wood incense tray on the mantel but inevitably some would ash out of the tray and I would be left with a mess.  The other day I had a brainwave and decided to try out my houseplants as incense holders instead.  Here we have “Jazz Hands” the little tree/plant (not sure what it is, a co-worker gave me a cutting which I almost killed and then nursed back to life).

Jazz Hands is holding my incense stick so nicely and all the ash just crumbles into the dirt and you don’t have any mess! 

And here’s the little stink bombs themselves as I tried to snap photos of the mantel this morning – hanging out and living the life.  The “I’m so spoiled I have my own pillow and toys and things and I’m bored with them go get me some more” life. 

So long story short, I would say that our home’s scent is “Spice Orange”.  It’s nice and subtle and not too sweet or sickly like some of the home sprays or scented candles I’ve come across.  Although, for variety we have also tried some other flavors from DivineScentsations like Butt Naked, Balsam Pine (around the holidays), and Gemini and Libra (the husband’s and my zodiac signs, respectively.  Oddly enough, we each seemed to prefer our own Zodiac scent.) 

Does your home have a scent?

Anyone else ready for the weekend like I am?  I’ve got some more bathroom projects up my sleeve and the husband and I have been discussing some changes in the music room as well.  Enjoy yourself – Cheers, CT

6 responses to “Is your home dog scented?

  1. I have two favorite scents. In the fall and winter, I like Lampe Berger’s New Orleans. In the spring and summer, I like Fruits & Passion Coriander and Olive Tree. I’ll have to check out DivineScentsations.

    • I’m not sure if that’s all one thing or not but Olive Tree (or Coriander and Olive Tree) sounds pretty good. I like your idea of the scent being more seasonally based. Maybe I’ll have to try out something a little fresher/lighter for the summer and go back to Spice Orange for fall. Cheers – CT

  2. Oh I always forget about incense. We use to burn those little cones when we got our first apartment. I think my house smells like a mixture of freshly cut wood, bacon, and body order (sweat)! mmmmmm, doesn’t that make you want to visit!? Ha Ha! I have to venture out today for supplies…. I’ll pick up some incense and get this place smelling SWEET! Thanks for the reminder.
    Have fun on your projects this weekend! I look forward to a full report. 🙂

    P.S. Your babies are sooooo cute!

    • I have had an incense fixation since high school. I was a little nervous about sharing it on the interwebs lest everyone think I was some kind of chronic pot head (which is what I think of when I think of incense for some reason . . . not sure). And as cute as those monkeys are, they STINK!! So incense is a good solution for us.

      Have a good week! We’re almost to the halfway point of “One Month, One Project”!

  3. Thank you so VERY much for the plug Courtney 🙂 I aim to please and I can tell from your blog that I’ve done my job where you’re concerned. I’m doing the happy dance! Take care!

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