Progress is boring! I want it done!

While more progress has been happening on the bathroom, it doesn’t make for so much fun and exciting content on the blog.  Here’s where we’re at:

This small little room took a not small amount of effort to get patched, textured/primed and now painted (and that’s only the gyp board, I still have to do the bead board!).  Thank goodness I’m not in it alone:

Husband came to my rescue.  Saturday morning we got out, ran some errands and stopped by Record Exchange for some new (old) vinyl.  With some Boss (The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street shuffle)  and Manassas (hey it was the dollar bin) blaring from the next room, we took turns painting — I did the brush for all the corners/trim cutting in and he wielded the roller.  JT also demoed out all the chair rail trim to make way for the new, chunkier profile stuff we’re putting in soon.  It turned up a little surprise — some of the yellow flower wallpaper was still living under there.

Yikes.  Imagine (if you dare) that instead of the nice Sea Serpent/dark grey-blue walls and white bead board there was yellow floral wallpaper and pee-yellow bead board.  Uh huh, that’s what it used to look like.  What I wouldn’t give for a “before” picture.  However that was seven years ago and this blog wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye — I just wanted it gone.

I think from here on out, the bathroom’s going top secret.  That way we can have a nice “ta da” come September 1st.  Although if I finish it sooner, I will post it sooner.  No need to keep you in heedless suspense.  So the One Month, One Project continues . . . .

In other One Month, One Project news, Stacey over at A Goode House went crazy and finished her king sized king bed project already.  So much for one month, more like one or two days!  Congrats on taking the leap AND getting it done.  That’s REAL progress.

Cheers – CT

One response to “Progress is boring! I want it done!

  1. LOOK at that blue!!!! YAY! Wonderful shade. I have a thing for deep sexy colors. Which is why I’m painting everything in my bedroom white. (I make no sense at all! – LAUGHING)

    I know exactly how you feel… thinking the progress pics are boring but as someone who’s following… I love them! It’s great to see the little steps. Fabulous=time. (sigh)

    Now, wait, wait… that bed is just the beginning. I still have TONS to do. I’m just hoping I can keep up with you. The pressure is on!!! 🙂 I’m loving the “team up”… it’s making it more fun, for sure.

    The bathroom is looking great. Keep feeding your husband LOTS of food and drink and lock the door so he can’t get out. He’ll finish that ceiling in no time. (giggle)

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