Hello November.

Hello internet friends.  Where has the time gone?  It’s November and I’m not sure how we got here!

I mean I guess I realize that time has passed . . .


We had fireworks in October!  (To make up for the ones cancelled in July due to excessive heat/dry grass/fire risk).  It’s a lot different when it’s 40 degrees out!

Halloween of course.  Shenanigan was Evil Kneivel and wanted to eat the few trick-or-treaters we did see.

Perhaps that’s because the front porch light is dead.  Hey husband, can we put up the new one this weekend? 

(Found for $10 at St. Vincent de Paul and patiently awaiting its time to shine in the basement of doom.)

A sister visit and a trip to Casa Loma ballroom to see her swing it.

(Picture borrowed from sister’s friend’s Facebook page.  The wonders of the internet.)

There was a family friend’s wedding and subsequent reception at the Randall Gallery downtown. (This is my mom and her boyfriend.  Hi Mom!)

There’s another wedding on the horizon and that requires bridesmaid dresses. So there was bridesmaid dress shopping. 

And those elections!!!  This was the first year husband and I got to go vote together due to some laziness on my part in getting my voter card updated from our first apartment’s address . . .

And every chance I get I sneak down to the basement and slave over my armoire project.  I almost have it all painted (Annie Sloane chalk paint newbie here) and next up is waxing.  This thing has required so many coats and has so many sides that this may be my first and last chalk paint project.  We’ll see.

So that’s a few things that have passed the time.  What about you guys?

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