Call it serendipity.

For some reason I kept finding these chairs in our alley (two pairs at two very different times.  Like months apart.)

For some reason they didn’t sell at the Green Shag sale . . .

I’m going with serendipity because now that we’ve brought in our tulip table (which in another hit of serendipity is also from Ikea), the wood chairs seem to be just the thing to balance out the white classic coolness of the table.

Here’s a few of the ‘before’ shots — first we had the rectangular wood table with the MCM sofa, then the Tulip with the MCM sofa and two Karim Rashid Oh Chairs. . .

The Oh chairs were a Christmas gift from my mom and I’m holding on to them for seating on the back porch (a scary room I have yet to share on the blog).  The MCM sofa found a new home via Craigslist and I hope it will be much loved.

(The image above shows our lovely St. Louis Rams getting destroyed while playing the Patriots in London.  I’m not much into sports but I am jealous that they got a trip to London. All in a Sunday afternoon — watching football, taking blog photos, folding laundry and making kale soup – you know, the usual.)

We’re loving our new setup — while I enjoyed having the sofa act as banquette seating, it’s also nice to be able to move the table a little closer to the windows and the new layout allows the drapes to be a little more flow-y and nice.  Now I have to go update our floor plan — again!  More changes to come  . . . . and I think in November we’re going to start some projects in the bedroom as well.  Last room of the house to get any attention!  Cheers – CT

(P.S. I would also call it serendipity that I bought so many faux sheepskins on our last Ikea run — they really help soften up the wood chairs and they help me get in the mood for all the fall/winter activities soon to be upon us.)

6 responses to “Call it serendipity.

  1. I really like the color scheme that you have going on with the grey, white, and brown. The dining room looks much more spacious as well.

    I too am a huge fan of the Ikea sheep skins. They really help to soften some of the hard corners and firm padding on mid-mod chairs. Too bad they were out during my last trip.

    • Thanks Nick — maybe when the Kansas City store opens they will have a blow out on sheepskins! I’m kind of curious about the gray ones as well . . . Cheers – CT

  2. Wow, that gave you a lot more room in your dining area, didn’t it? The chairs look really nice with that table, and I love the sheepskin throws on them. I was just pricing sheepskin last night, and I was wondering how the IKEA pieces looked. I’m glad I got to see them in your house.

  3. I think the chairs look great with your new table!

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