The Furniture Shuffle

Things have started to move around the house.  As if by little ghosts.  Or me dragging and cursing them on a towel.

Here’s a wall in the living room before.

Yeah, those shelves are down too.  The holes are patched and painted. 

And a wall in the bedroom before. (Some great night time photography by yours truly.  Sorry.  Also please remember we have not done one thing to this bedroom.  Yet.)

And look at it now!  The desk from the living room became my dressing table in the bedroom.  I love that little Lucite and white vinyl stool more than life itself.

Still not a whole lot happening but it’s starting to go places.

Speaking of places, here’s another wall in the bedroom:

And then it got the shuffle too.  And paint!  See that little green piece of painter’s tape in the “before” above? We had been living with it for a while to see if it felt right.  And we decided it did. . .

When I saw Emily Henderson (of Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV)’s post about her guest bedroom and a painted picture rail, I knew the idea was a perfect fit for our bedroom.  We’ve been going back and forth about what color to paint in here, the only unpainted (by us) room in the house.  At first we thought of dark, dark walls, the better for sleeping all day and ignoring the world.  Then I got nervous that in a future resale situation light, white walls would be better.  So this is the best of both.  The colors are Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze below (to about 5’7″ AFF) and then Shoji White above.  I still had paint on hand from the last accent wall in the living room (Urbane Bronze) and the second to last accent wall color (Shoji White).  Waste not, want not.   And it’s nice that the bedroom is cohesive with the rest of the house’s color palette.

It’s loverly.  (The big bullet planter was in the bedroom acting as an incense holder — I was trying to get rid of all the paint smells.)

And then, once that wall got looking nice, it went back to disaster.

The cabinet from JT’s dad finally made its appearance in the bedroom!  This is the Annie Sloane chalk paint extravaganza that I’ve been having.  And it’s not over yet.  I’m excited to have the little TV tucked away behind doors along with its stupid bunny ears (see the before picture above.)  We never really watch TV in here but it’s nice to have a secondary TV just in case one of us (me) wants to watch a really girly movie and the other doesn’t (husband).  It also comes in handy when the storm sirens go off at night so we can check and see if we need to go to the basement (during tornado season, joys of living in the Midwest).

So that’s what I got.  One part of one wall painted, three and a half to go.  One part of one cabinet painted and waxed, doors and drawers to go.  At some point – a headboard to be built, accessories to be added and more photographs to be taken.  Hold on tight, this bedroom is going for a ride.

Our great furniture shuffle has also left our dressers homeless.  I love them and have used them in the music room before switching them into the bedroom but they just don’t fit anywhere anymore.  A matched pair of anything is like gold in my world.  If you know anyone who would want to adopt them, they’re on the ‘list right now:

2 responses to “The Furniture Shuffle

  1. Looks great CT! I have such a thing for those dark walls. I don’t know… they just make the room look really special and everything you put against it looks amazing. I love the split color. I’ve thought about doing that in my dining room.

    The dressers are GORGEOUS! I’d have a hard time giving those up but I understand not having room. There are so many pieces of furniture I’d love to have but no space left to make it work. (sigh) Good luck selling them. I bet they go fast.

  2. Your little Lucite and white vinyl stool looks really amazing.Using green piece of painter’s tape in the white wall is a great idea! I really appreciate your nice ideas. Sometimes, with low cost furniture we can furnish our bedroom amazingly. For this we just need some unique idea which can change the view of our home.
    sonja@ dooleysfurniture

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