Music Room Meet Office

Maybe a good holiday gift for the Living Analog household would be those little “moving men” furniture sliders because we have been doing an awful lot of moving furniture around in this house.  It’s all a part of the “waste not, want not” philosophy and it works wonders.  If your house/room/life is needing a jolt, just rearrange!  It really is amazing how moving the furniture around can let you rediscover a room in your house – and usually for free!

So without further adieu, the music room.  It’s looked like this for a while now:


Lots of guitar and amp space, lots of seating – two chairs, the storage cabinet/bench, a stool and an ottoman.


Bookshelves that are getting out of hand and need to be cleaned/organized/staged/styled/whatever it is that amazing internet bloggers/stylers do to their bookshelves.


With a lot of the changes taking place in the bedroom and living room, the laptop was looking for a place to land.  Also, starting next year, JT will have the option to work from home one week a month and so we needed a proper office. Furniture rearranging commence.

Here’s the layout we settled on.  Everything that was in the room stayed except for the Eames rocker which moved to the bedroom.  The table desk I had bought a while back at a hotel liquidation store for $10.  It was originally a nice hotel warm oak color so I had painted it black to go in the last iteration of the office/music room and it held JT’s recorder.  Then it went downstairs and I had painted it white thinking I would use it for my dressing table.  That didn’t happen so it because our new desk!


Already we are using this room so much more (online holiday shopping and the like.)  And with the desk at a right angle to the wall, you can be a part of what is happening in the room while you’re on the computer.

Here’s a view from behind the desk:


The pictures are making it look small but it feels comfortable in real life.  Don’t get me wrong, this room is about the size of a postage stamp but there is plenty of circulation room and all the cabinet doors and drawers can open just fine.  The five-foot-long storage drawer we were using as a bench also works well as a guitar display surface for guitar stands and casually leaned pictures so while we lost a little seating by not using it as a bench, all the functions of the room are still there.  Most of JT’s guitars are packed up for the winter right now and live in the little closet behind the American flag so we may have to look at our layout again when those come out in the spring.


And I’ll leave you with this Shenanigan photobomb.  What an idiot.

4 responses to “Music Room Meet Office

  1. The room looks fantastic! I love the rug.

    • Thanks Dana — that was a lucky score from a local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. 20 50cm carpet tiles for only $30 dollars. I left without them and then immediately went back once I realized the magnitude of the mistake I was making! Cheers – CT

  2. Awesome space! Love all the guitars. I’m looking forward to fixing up a space to display all my husband’s guitars and amps. They’re so great all lined up (and ready to play!). Also love Johnny Cash! I posted an instagram of some art in my house that you’ll definitely recognize.

    You’ve done a great job of making a multi-purpose room not only function but look amazing. Love it, CT!

    • Thanks Stacey! I think the guitars are their own kind of art — they’re all so beautifully crafted that it only makes sense to display them. All the amps and stuff, not so much but it works out. I do recognize that Johnny you speak of. What a devil. This is the “flip ’em off” room because there’s also a Mickey Mouse displaying the finger on the bookshelves — it’s a piece of metal that my dad had in his tool kit. Not sure if he made it or was gifted it but it fits in with the room!

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