Goodwill – Pounds of Fun

It’s been a little while now, but St. Louis was recently blessed with a Goodwill by the Pound.  It’s a lot of crazytown where books and glassware are 79 cents per pound and everything else is 39 cents per pound.  They have these giant weigh scales at the checkout that you just roll your cart up on.  My kind of party.  I went when it first opened and it was pretty quiet.  JT and I went a little more recently and it was CROWDED!!!


It’s like a last chance Charlie for all this stuff.  They push out these giant blue bin/trucks every fifteen minutes or so and take others away (for good!  Exterminate!  Exterminate!  Sorry, husband started watching Dr. Who and even I can hear the evil shrieking from the next room.)  The furniture here is usually T.O.A.S.T. but there’s always at least something to be found of interest.

Here’s what I brought home:


Sometimes I wonder why I buy things but the thought of it maybe going away (forever!) means you just have to snatch it up and sent it back to Goodwill in a few months when you’ve regained your senses. (PS – Photo-editing faux-pas – that was supposed to say “produce” not “product”.  Chalk that one up to a Friday!)

So, random I know.  Next door to the Goodwill by the Pound is Warehouse of Stuff where we picked up two somethings for my basement lair/studio-in-the-works.  But I’m still stringing that one out for another day . . . .

Here’s what was going on while I was taking my “stuff” photos.  Idiot, ridiculous, lazy-a$$ dogs.


That couch’s days are numbered — it’s soon to move into the Black Horse Studio where the guys have been recording!  See more at (Also I think JT is going to post up his latest Craigslist find there soon.  He drug me up to Godfrey, IL last week for this thing.  And that’s how I got my rugs.  #lifeisatradeoff)

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter everyone.  I should have some good stuff in the hopper next week (semi-Easter pun intended).  Cheers – CT

11 responses to “Goodwill – Pounds of Fun

  1. I love how the dogs were helping! 🙂

  2. I just had my first experience there the other day. That’s where I got my “MCM Bible”. The whole thing is kinda overwhelming. Did you get to see them bring out a fresh cart? The workers had to literally hold a wall of people back and my friend and I were nearly trampled when they let them through. It’s a nuthouse!

    • Wow! The MCM Bible came from there? I haven’t really found anything that amazing there (even though I still buy things, duh). Have you been into Warehouse of Stuff next door? That place makes my brain explode.

  3. This place is nuts. I actually love going, despite the dirtiness and the craziness. I haven’t been since last fall since I don’t feel totally safe going by myself and have to wait until I can coerce someone else to go with me. It’s probably my husband’s idea of hell, so he’s out.

    Like you, I’m usually looking for project materials and junk. I have no idea what treasures the crazy feeding frenzy people think they are going to discover.

    • Um, my husband stayed in the car last time. That’s not true, he walked in the doors with me and then said “I’ll be in the car.” Thank goodness for smartphones, I feel like he is entertained out there so I can shop at my leisure . . . If you ever want a thrifting partner, I’m in. Cheers – CT

  4. Goodwill outlet is one of my favorite places to go to! I have only been to it once, but the amount of amazing items and emotions I got from being there is well worth it! Next time I will wear a protective disposable mask though!

    • Is your Goodwill Outlet a by-the-pound one? Ours seems pretty picked over by the time it makes it to this location so I’m not so sure how often I want to venture in there and fight of the overzealous shoppers . . . .Cheers – CT

  5. I wandered into one of these and had just started to look through a bin when they started wheeling it away! I said to the guy “Hey, I’m looking here!”. He replied in a monotone “I gotta take it in back”. I was totally befuddled until I asked an employee who explained the process. When the new bins arrived it was like vultures stripping a corpse!

    • Yeah, people really get after those new bins. It was a crazy experience, especially considering the first time I went was so tame.

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