Guess what arrived at Living Analog?

If you guessed Flor carpet tiles, you would be correct.

Or if you guessed sweet old black lab/husky mix, you would also be correct.

Yep, Cameron our foster dog is back.CAMERON 01

Cameron was adopted a little more than two years ago by Maggie, a sweet lady who loved him and wanted a companion around to spend her time with (she is retired).  Well Maggie also has Parkinson’s disease and the time had come for her to move someplace where she could get more assistance.  She looked and looked for a place where she could also take Cameron with her but didn’t have any luck.  I think she delayed her move (and better care) for some more time with Cameron which makes me kind of sad.

So Cam the Man is back in the house.  You can read his adoption posting on the Stray Rescue website here.


Sophie and Shenanigan are good with Cameron since he’s older and calmer like they are but really Cameron needs his own people to love him and care for him.  Have you ever tried petting three dogs at one time?  It doesn’t work out so well and they always seem to want attention, well, at the same time!  So that’s why we are looking for a home for Cam.


Spread the word — if you know anyone looking for a sweet older gentleman to spend their days with, Cam’s their man.  We love Stray Rescue and what they do for St. Louis dogs (and cats).  We’ve fostered a lot in the past (see the complete story here) and know there’s a forever family out there waiting for Cameron.

And the Flor?  Well we might wait a little before installing it . . . . when Cameron’s dark fur coat combines with Sophie and Shenigan’s tan furballs, it makes a marvelous mess.  We are still debating whether a robot vaccuum cleaner will work in our little house or not.

Back with more later! Cheers – CT

8 responses to “Guess what arrived at Living Analog?

  1. Diana in Chicago

    Oooh, what a handsome little man! He’s sure to find his fur-ever home soon enough! How old is he?

    • Thanks Diana. The vet estimates Cameron to be in the 9-year-old age range. I was with him at the vet just last month and they said besides his arthritis, he’s in really good shape for his age (even his teeth). He’s a silver fox. Cheers – CT

  2. That’s so sweet of you to foster Cameron (and so many other dogs)! The fact that he has to be given up after two years breaks my heart, but I’m hopeful he’ll find a new family to love him 🙂

    • I’m taking him to another adoption event this week (at Whole Foods so I can sneak in and look for vegan cheeze). Somewhere out there is the perfect home for him, I’m just trying to be patient until he finds it. Poor guy has been through a lot. Thanks for dropping by — Cheers – CT

  3. I met Cameron while working at Whole Foods today…I’d love to adopt him if I could! I’m still trying to convince my parents. =]

    • Cameron got a lot of love today at Whole Foods! It was a great event. It sounds like the silver fox needs to meet your parents! Cheers – CT

  4. I met Cameron and loved him also. I would love for my husband to meet him if he is still available.

    • Hi Pat — thanks for the comment. I sent an email to my Stray Rescue coordinator asking her what is the best way to go about this. I will send you a direct email when I hear from her. The Silver Fox strikes again! Cheers- CT

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