It’s curtains on this project . . .

So yeah — September of 2011 I was whining about our bedroom curtains.  I hung them too low and they still didn’t touch the floor.  The rod was puny.  All beginner mistakes.

Take a refresher look:


So shameful!  I got some beefier rods and simple white curtains at Ikea about forever ago and had them waiting in the wings.  The lovely thing about hanging these new rods is our walls – they’re exterior walls, plaster on brick and anytime you drill into them it feels like the end of the world.  So we waited until JT had a plane to catch a few hours away and then decided to tackle it.  Made total sense.  But I’m so glad we did because now it feels like we live in a fancy, grown-up room. Check it out.


Yep, these images were all snapped at 7am this morning.  After a few more projects in here I’m going to shoot it up as “for real” as I can get it.

Instead of going with the gallery wall in here that I was considering, I decided to reframe the Bernard Buffet print and have it be a stand-alone piece on the wall opposite our bed.  It’s working with the curtains (mounted up at the ceiling) to create a nice calm and soothing bedroom retreat.


I still have to iron the curtains and hem them — I was hoping the wrinkles would work their way out just by hanging the curtains but no such luck. And I was a little skeptical about hanging the curtains so high due the large “forehead” over the window it was creating but I love it.  Love.  I wish I could go back to bed now!

Have a great “blursday” everyone!  Cheers – CT

7 responses to “It’s curtains on this project . . .

  1. Much better! They look great ( and expensive). Love the artwork too!

    • Thanks Stacey! The artwork was a mid-course correction (like all projects in this house it seems sometimes) and I’m glad we did the one simple piece. Have a great weekend! Cheers – CT

  2. Love the new curtain look. It totally transforms the room.

    • Thanks Dana! I agree. Now I wish I hadn’t waited two years to get them up! Such is life. Have a great weekend! Cheers – CT

  3. Rebecca@MidCenturyModernRemodel

    Your curtains are perfect. I hate the details like ironing and hemming. I wish there were people who would do that for me. I am Mrs. 90% always.

    • That’s a good business idea – “The Finishers”. For those of us who do not finish. Or maybe think about it six monthes later . . . Cheers – CT

  4. Your bedroom looks great! I love everything about it! Our house is the same way, so all of my curtain rods are mounted in the window moldings. I love the hardware at the ceiling!

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