Dreaming of . . .

I’ve been having strange dreams lately.  Dreams of furniture objects magically appearing in my house.  Kind of like Christmas in July . . .


Like maybe a set of four butterfly chairs (with white/beige canvas covers) to appear in a perfectly landscaped backyard?  Maybe a pool would appear too?


For some reason, and I blame Pinterest, I now have vintage ladders on the brain.  Not the hinged in the middle, two sided ones as much but the really old-school wood ones that would just lean up against the wall.  I’m pretty sure I saw some in the grass next to the dumpster at Goodwill when I was donating some stuff.  I need to go back.  Immediately.


So ubiquitous, so done everywhere, I just want a really, really big fiddle leaf fig tree.  And a really, really big living room with a lot of natural light.  So maybe a house in California too.  A girl can dream right?


The last thing I’ve been dreaming of is a tri-fold vanity mirror.  And I could probably easily buy one from one of the decorating sites online.  But instead I dream of finding just the perfect (vintage) one at a thrift store for $10.  Not likely to happen but that’s what dreams are for.

What have you been dreaming about lately?  Join me in cloud land.  And Santa Claus or my fairy godmother or anyone who has one of these perfect things and wants to make magic in my life, give me a buzz.  Cheers – CT


Butterfly chairs from 1st Dibs here.

Ladders also 1st Dibs here.

Fiddle leaf fig image via Elle Decor.  Wowza.

Vanity mirror via Etsy.  But sold, boo.

One response to “Dreaming of . . .

  1. Butterfly chairs are so classic, and I love fiddle leaf figs too. I should get one. Those ladders are very cool. Did you go back to look for the ones at Goodwill?

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