Flattened by the common cold

Hey everyone.  I am out for the count, totally KO-ed by the common cold.  No projects have been done.  Many tissues have been used.

Before the cold came and kicked my ass, we did sneak out for a weekend of 4th of July fun.  It started out when one of my besties came for a little visit from NYC.  (She is also the source of my cold but I still love her).  We hit up S. Grand and noshed at STL’s newest vegetarian/vegan restaurant, Treehouse. Check out this article for some cool photos of the interior — very fresh and modern and it almost feels like it could be in NYC instead of STL.

(Bad iPhone photo of bestie and dessert — the creamiest chocolate mousse I’ve had in a while — secret ingredient — avocado!  You couldn’t taste the green stuff but it made it so rich and so good!)


After that we cruised down to the Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend of sunshine by day and fireworks at night.  We found out two new things about Shenanigan — he gets car sick (now) and is terrified of fireworks.  Strange dog.

Here he is “navigating” (aka trying not to get car sick by looking out the front window).


Little Miss Sophie’s always just along for the ride.


(We still have our foster dog Cameron — he went on his own vacation and stayed at a temp foster over the holiday weekend.  They said he did really great with their little girl and also with their cat who hates dogs.  Cameron is basically a cat in a dog shape anyways so it made sense.)

And JT’s brother’s mother-in-law’s dock where we got to spend some sunning time.  Very nice.  I bet some Vitamin D would be good for me now . . . if only I could teleport myself back to there.


I’ll be back once this cold gets on its way!  Cheers – CT

8 responses to “Flattened by the common cold

  1. Oh jeez sorry I got you sick (I also infected my dad-very contagious bug). Great visit though. I’m famous since I’m on the blog wooohoo!

  2. Get well soon! I had something that knocked me out a few weeks ago, and nothing is worse than spending several days in bed sick in the summertime.

  3. Feel better, CT! Love the pictures.

  4. Rebecca@MidCenturyModernRemodel

    Bad bad cold. I hope by now it is long gone.

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