Friday is just another day when you live in a hotel . . .

Hey all.  We’ve been living in a hotel in Phoenix for twelve days now . . . but who’s counting.  I haven’t been a very good blogger despite my confinement and internet access.  So, back to the saga, shall we?

I left off with the house being emptied out, one large box on a guy’s back at a time.

Music Room on a random day before moving:


Music Room on move out day (bad selfie):


It was crazy to see the house all emptied out and to be honest, the Sherwin Williams Bosporus blue we had painted the music room and kitchen now looked a lot less sophisticated without any furnishings.  Once everything was empty, we ended up running up to Target to get a new shower curtain – the ivory sadness that is our shower liner did not look so great stark naked next to the white bead board.  So now the house is empty and we have had two more showings (and another tomorrow!)  but no offers.  The house has only been on the market for one month but I was hoping someone would come along already and fall in love with the old gal like JT and I did.


Next in the story – road trip.  My mom, Sophie, Shenanigan and me all piled into the car at 5:00 in the morning the next day and headed south by southwest.  We drove for seventeen hours and finally rested our weary heads in Albuquerque, New Mexico that night.  The dogs were little champs and did pretty good in the car.  Having an extra set of hands and another driver really made the difference on this trip though, so big kudos to my mom for her tireless help and dedication to getting us to AZ safely.  The second day was a lot shorter, thanks to powering through to Albuquerque the night before so we stopped in Flagstaff for lunch and walked the dogs around downtown a bit.


After a lot of dashboard scenery and nose surfing, we’re now here in Phoenix and cozily holed up in a hotel in the Arcadia neighborhood.  Our rental search has been unexpectedly difficult — we have a broker but things get snatched off the market so quickly!  We have an application in on one house and may put in another application on another house today, just to hedge our bets.

(Not this place!  Rental houses have a lot of mustard . . . )


In the meantime, it’s been hotel living for JT, the dogs and me.  JT has work to escape to every day but his office is also close enough by that he comes back at lunch for sandwiches by the pool.  To keep busy, the dogs and I go out walking/exploring every day.  Lately we’ve been going to a park nearby that has a long trail along an irrigation canal.


I’ve been taking it easy with the dogs (and myself!) and making sure to give them lots of water and take breaks in the shade during our walks.  The other day, we paused in an alley next to the canal.  One thing led to another and I ended up at a yard sale in the neighborhood beyond.  I managed to hustle the dogs back to the car, get to an ATM and find my way back through the neighborhood to score this lamp for $10.


Not bad except now it’s been rattling around in the back of the car for a week with nowhere to live.  I’m pretty sure JT takes it as a sign I have crossed over into full on lunacy.  Fingers crossed one of our applications pans out and we are out of the hotel soon!  Not that the dogs mind . . .  They seem to think that king beds are the best thing EVER! (Which they are, except when you have to share them with two sixty pound dogs who have no regard for your personal and/or leg space).


Have a great weekend!  Cheers – CT

3 responses to “Friday is just another day when you live in a hotel . . .

  1. Hang in there CT! You guys will find a place soon but in the meantime enjoy exploring your new surrounds;)

  2. Moving is tough, but you’ll be settled in before you know it, and things will get back to normal. I think it would be fantastic to go to Taliesin West!!!

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