Moving Sideways

I’m typing from the itty-bitty sofa in our living room as it’s about the only thing that isn’t disassembled, wrapped in a blanket or in a box right now in our house.  All of our moving seems to have happened in October – JT and I rented our first apartment together starting in November before our New Year’s Eve wedding.  He moved in and was “bach-ing it” until the wedding but I still remember we got the keys a day early, on Halloween and spent that night painting each room a ridiculous color (red in the kitchen, dark browns in the living space and baby boy blue in the bedroom).  The next year, it was time to buy and we closed on our house on October 25th and were once again moving and painting on Halloween.

So here it is, Halloween again, and there are movers in the house and boxes everywhere – the house looks spooky and maybe haunted.  This time we don’t have a next place lined up – our plans have gone sideways in a matter of days and it feels so strange to have all our earthly possessions boxed up with no specific destination in sight.  There’s a long back story as to why we’re not getting the house with the crazy amazing pool in Arizona but the short version is we had to walk away from it due to some complications on the St. Louis house.  I know things will work out the way they need to and if all rights itself with the world, we will be painting in our next (official) home on Halloween 2014.  We’ll be renting in the meantime, and I can’t wait for us to have a place to land and begin our new adventure in the desert.  The dogs have no idea what’s in store for them when we begin the two-day drive this weekend!

Cheers – CT


It’s really happening!

Music Room

6 responses to “Moving Sideways

  1. Just now catching up on my blog reading (so far behind!). Good luck with your cross country move! And just in time to avoid cold weather!

    • Thanks Erin! Not only are we avoiding the STL cold, we are arriving in Phoenix for their prettiest time of year. The road trip down we were ducking and dodging between all the snow birds and their RVs who are headed towards the sunshine as well.

  2. It’s always so hard to coordinate selling one house with buying another. Renting first will allow you to get to know the area really well and figure out what the good and not-so-good neighborhoods are, so there’s always an up side.

    • It’s funny because at the whole onset of this thing we said “let’s just rent first”. But then we got sucked into the “let’s buy a house” vortex. Now that we’re on the rental path again, it does seem to make a lot of sense. Plus this way I can stalk my dream MCM desert home – nothing was on the market in the two day window we were looking to make an offer. Now we’ll be able to take our time and do it right.

  3. So… does that mean that you are staying in St. Louis or you have an apartment at the new place?

    • Hey Nick — it means that we’re living out of a hotel in Phoenix until we find a rental, be it apartment, townhome or house. Things are a little crazy! And still no offers on the Living Analog STL abode which makes me kind of sad – it’s such a good little house!

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