A Friday First – Video Tour

So I sound like a soft-talking third grader navigating this tour and my iPhone camera work is shaky at best, but I took the plunge and filmed a quick video tour of our main living spaces.

I saw on Apartment Therapy that we have what is known as “dorm yellow walls“.  It’s about to make me crazy, living in this beige box that could be so beautiful as a white box.  And it’s everywhere – so many walls and ceiling planes – that if I were to start painting one or two it would become a three-month long painting extravaganza just to get this thing fixed up.  And then there’s the trim.  Sigh.

We did paint a few walls – the wall behind the entertainment center and the wall with the console table on it were painted a lovely baby-shit brown when we moved in.  We did our best to match the paint and covered those up immediately.  The only photographic proof I have is a yellowed iPhone pic . . .


So that’s that.  Happy Friday everyone!

2 responses to “A Friday First – Video Tour

  1. Loved your video tour…and loved hearing what your voice sounds like. After reading someone’s blog for so long, it’s nice to put a voice with the written words. You’re moving right along making your new house your own. I saw several familiar pieces from the StL house.Thanks for showing us around.

    • Thanks Dana! It’s always a surprise to hear how my voice sounds outside of my head. Glad you were able to follow along on the home tour. Thanks for watching, it means a lot. Cheers – CT

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