Feeling Blue

I’ve been keeping my eye on West Elm pretty close since I figured out that the Pottery Barn Gift Card I won at Neotini last year can also be used at West Elm.  I’ve doubled down and am also hoarding a 10% W.E. discount card from the mymove.com address change (along with one for Wayfair and Home Depot) so it’s just a matter of time now . . .

The mailer came the other day and while perusing it, came across a familiar blue.


At the time we picked out Sherwin Williams Bosporus for the music room and then the kitchen, I worried it was a little more bright than all the other richer navy hues I was seeing around the interwebs.  I’m a sapphire girl though so we went for it and loved living with it.   Now we live in a much larger but much beiger space and I’ve begun to realize the impact that paint colors can have on your life (and your mood . . .)

Our little old house is still listed for sale (here) and they redid the photos to show it empty.  It’s very sad.  The good news in all this is that we don’t actually own the St. Louis house anymore, JT’s company bought us out as part of his relocation package.  The stress of having two housing payments is one I am glad we do not have.  The bad part is that I have seen these pictures and I can’t unsee them . . .






(The shower curtain my mom ran out and grabbed at Target on move-out day because leaving that tiny bathroom without a shower curtain was too depressing.  The blue is nice.)


I know they want to show the house as it really is, but compared to the last pictures (in this post), these are so poorly lit and unfocused that it’s hard to get a true perspective of the space.  All in all, these new pictures have left me feeling a little blue.  I just want somebody to come along and love our little house – it has so much potential and so much amazing blue!  Cheers – CT

2 responses to “Feeling Blue

  1. I can’t imagine why they would replace those beautiful photos of your house fully decorated with those awful, awful photos. You’d think if they want to show it empty, they would have hired a professional photographer to come in and get some decent shots. Those look like the real estate agent just snapped a few pictures with a cell phone and called it a day.

  2. Real estate photos are always a joke. When we were looking, if I saw the toilet seat up in then I just kept looking. Seriously, put the seat down. Or try to keep the camera straight at least.

    I’m not sure why they would want unstyled, unstaged photos. People pay good money to stage their homes to sell. Weird.

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