What a week …


This Friday finds me a little drained . . . adjusting to my new schedule is, well, an adjustment.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to love having Fridays off and we just found out today that JT is approved to work a 4-day week as well so we’ll be able to have adventures together.  Our plan for this weekend is to hit up  the Phoenix Public Market followed by Micro Dwell 2014.  I may have finagled an Ikea trip in there as well.


Image via Micro Dwell


Image via Phoenix Public Market

So I’m excited for my weekend.  What do you have going on for yours?  We’re off to a good start as the blog got a sweet mention over at third story(ies)!  Cheers – CT

2 responses to “What a week …

  1. How fantastic that you both are going to get to work 4 day weeks. This weekend sounds like a great one for you. Tell us all about it!

  2. Hope things are going well at the new job. I’ve been thinking about you. Transitions are tough, even good ones. And you’ve had a lot of transitions recently!

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