What’s Been Going On?

Hiatus?  Hiding?  Out having a time?  Call it what you will, I’ve been MIA from the blog for a little bit.

With so much unexplored terrain around, gorgeous weather and some guests in town, we’ve been out and about a lot.  Places like the Scottsdale Arts Festival, the Scottsdale Contemporary Art Museum (again, there is a new installation and I got one of the oranges), two of the many casinos, Tucson, record stores, Goodwills, The Farm at South Mountain, Glendale, March’s Sweet Salvage event and occasionally work.

Saguaro Lake

Last Saturday we headed out to Tonto National Park and hiked around Saguaro Lake, stopping only for a hat and sunglasses selfie.

We dressed up the guest room a little before my mom came for her visit.  I’ve been keeping/hoarding this mosquito net for a looooooong time and I finally found a place to hang it.


The bed tray came from Goodwill and was something like $3.50.  It’s not the most functional bedroom furniture but it gives the room a little something extra while it waits between guests.


We also upholstered the box spring following this tutorial from Momma Rake.

staple gun

We got to use the nail/staple gun my sister got Josh for Christmas.  I lucked out and found almost the exact same fabric as the headboard to use on the box spring – an off-white cotton duck.  I thought about painting the whole shebang with my textile paint so it wasn’t so beige but put that on hold for now.


We found some furniture feet on Amazon.  I looked at the ones at Home Depot and they were either too fat and short (like bun feet) or too tall and slender (they had a 6″ Parson leg but no 4″ Parson leg).

hot glue

Finally I found some cording that blended with the fabric and hot glued it around to cover up the staples.  In theory you shouldn’t see the cording at all when the top mattress is in place but it was  kind of a belt and suspenders move.  In retrospect I might have worked on moving the staples further inland on the box frame but all the good wood for attaching was mainly around the edges.


We got some artwork hung up and I tweaked the big painting yet again to have some more teal in it to match the cozy throw JT got me a few years back.

And . . . that’s all for this month!  Just kidding.  This weekend is the Modern Phoenix Home Tour and we have tickets!  Have a great weekend!

3 responses to “What’s Been Going On?

  1. Sounds like you’re having a ball there! I’m so glad you’re liking your new home and making so much progress with your house. 🙂

  2. So happy to hear you guys are having so much fun exploring your new environment and decorating your new place!

  3. Looks terrific. I was just checking in on you, so glad to see a post. That house tour sounds dangerous to me. I hope you get to take photos. Also, completely jealous of your weather.

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