Well I took the third and final test for my NCIDQ certification today (National Council for Interior Design Qualifications), the day after my (uneventful because I was studying/practicing like crazy) 36th birthday.  It was an eight hour sprint of hand drafting and problem solving and I somehow miraculously survived despite being a year older.  What the results are remain to be seen (14 to 16 weeks!) but I’m so relieved to have that strain off my back for a little bit.

Have a great rest of your weekend!  JT is gigging tonight with “Radio London,” an 80s group he plays guitar in, and I was excited to go see him play but I am too spent to move off this couch.


I think the dogs and I are going to catch up on some “Friends”.   I love the 80s but I think I may be more of a 90s girl!

Cheers! CT



5 responses to “NCIDQ-ed!

  1. How exciting! I bet you did great on the test.

    • I’m relieved it’s over to be sure! Until I know that I passed (fingers crossed), I’m going to assume I didn’t … kind of an emotional protection in case I don’t actually pass … only time will tell! Have a great week Dana!
      Cheers – CT

  2. Testing is NO JOKE. I hope you get great results – 14-16 weeks is torture!

    • Yep, that test was a SLOG! I joke I’m going to take the architectural tests next but really …. nope! I talked to a guy in my testing room who said he had taken the LEED test and the A.R.E. (a while ago) and he thought the NCIDQ practicum was the hardest. Thanks for stopping by!
      Cheers- CT

      • Sounds miserable. LEED was ok – lots of material to study, but not too bad. I didn’t actually find any of the 7 ARE exams to be horribly difficult – it’s just that there are SEVEN of them. I don’t think I will ever regret taking them so quickly together – I just slogged through them, but it was exhausting. You know, on top of our real jobs, families, pets, sleep, occasionally eating, forget exercising… all that other stuff we have to do. Kudos to you for getting through it.

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