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The new (rental) house – The Guest Suite

Come On In

Part of our criteria for our AZ pad was that it have room for guests.  After leaving St. Louis and bringing all our earthly possessions 1500 miles across the desert, we wanted a space our family and friends from back home could stay in to encourage them to come visit.  So while I’ll have a full tour of the whole house, I wanted to start out with the guest spaces to remind our friends and family we want them to get their butts to the Valley of the Sun NOW!

So come on in.

High Overall

I have been hoarding that headboard, just waiting for a guest room for over ten years.  That, my friends, is a furniture hoarding problem that finally worked itself out.  The room itself is not large so we wanted to keep the furnishings simple – a bed and a few accessory items.

We picked up a full size (new) mattress and box spring at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store nearby.  At only $153, it was a great deal.  The best part of the great deal was that we were able to keep it attached to the top of the car on the only windy day we’ve experienced since we moved in and get it home.  Good times.

Bedside Table

On one side of the bed, I set up a little Target table with a little vignette of the Savers artwork, a clock I received on my 13th birthday (hoarder!) and a scented candle.

Other Side of Bed

The other side of the bed got the AZ yard sale lamp that JT just rewired.  The switch is actually a little knob on the top of that ball and the light is on a dimmer.  For $10 (and the $6 spent on a new porcelain socket and light bulb), I’m really starting to like this little lamp.  The magazine rack is stocked with some night-time reading and all the PHX brochures we scammed from the hotel.

Travel Brochures

The doors for the closet were already off and stored in the garage when we moved in and perhaps they may stay that way.

Closet No Doors

We stocked the closet with a few hangers, all our board games and guest towels.

Suitcase Rack

I’ve also been hoarding the luggage rack for over five years . . . . The blanket is a new purchase from a Phoenix shop called “My Sister’s Attic“.

Look Up

One thing I’ve been dealing with in this new house is a lot of beige.  All the walls (and ceilings) are beige.  Each room has its own lovely (and unique) ceiling fan.  This great palm frond one is what our guests will get to enjoy — aren’t they lucky!

Guest Bath

Next door to the guest room is this bowling alley of a hall bathroom.  Coming from our little St. Louis brick bungalow with one tiny bathroom, having two sinks and a separate room for the tub and shower is luxurious.  And this is only the hall bath, there is a master bathroom as well — we’re definitely feeling spoiled with all this space.  Sometimes I can’t even find my husband, this house is so big.

Low Overall

All in all, I still have some work to do to make this room into my ultimate guest room but we have a guest arriving today and so it needed to be ready(-ish) in a hurry.  Book your rooms at Hotel Living Analog now, they’re filling up fast!

STL News – Designer’s house for sale!

We’re probably still a few years out from leaving our starter house and I alternately eagerly anticipate and shiver with dread at the thought of selling our home.  It means so many projects to finish (scary) and also the start of a new house to decorate (scary good).  One of my designer friends from college just went through the process of getting their first home ready for the market and now it’s here.  She’s letting me show the pictures and I am so excited!  You can tell that a designer lives here — the house has a cohesive feel, great finishes and feels like a comfortable place to live.

Without further adieu: 6830 Plateau



She’s nearby in Dogtown with a little brick bungalow similar to ours.  But with a finished basement, they gained so much space!

8415364812_ef01f92a8a_z 8414268123_fd39a1635a_z

Don’t you love all the detailing on the plaster walls?  That shade of grey in the dining room is great (and the chevron rug!)  I really love all the artwork — it ties everything together.

8415365666_23334ae65e_z 8414268047_e21e48ee78_z 8414267825_3b1f8d36bf_z

For the size of their brick bungalow house, to have this much space in a bathroom and kitchen is pretty unheard of.  I need to find out where that hallway rug came from because I love it.

8415364742_024445d2bb_z 8415364732_0ae3045443_z

Miss Mila’s room — recognize the message board that her mom made at one of our Stitch and Bitches?  Great to see it in situ.

There’s more — a great downstairs with another amazing bathroom and they also have a great backyard – perfect for entertaining.  Hop over to the listing for more information:  That was fun.  I’ll have to look around for some more houses to visit.  I think that is part of why I enjoy the blogosphere so much — getting to see into people’s homes and also getting to share mine!  Cheers – CT

Post Script: For those of you interested in the runner rug like I am, I found out it’s from Crate & Barrel.