STL News – Designer’s house for sale!

We’re probably still a few years out from leaving our starter house and I alternately eagerly anticipate and shiver with dread at the thought of selling our home.  It means so many projects to finish (scary) and also the start of a new house to decorate (scary good).  One of my designer friends from college just went through the process of getting their first home ready for the market and now it’s here.  She’s letting me show the pictures and I am so excited!  You can tell that a designer lives here — the house has a cohesive feel, great finishes and feels like a comfortable place to live.

Without further adieu: 6830 Plateau



She’s nearby in Dogtown with a little brick bungalow similar to ours.  But with a finished basement, they gained so much space!

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Don’t you love all the detailing on the plaster walls?  That shade of grey in the dining room is great (and the chevron rug!)  I really love all the artwork — it ties everything together.

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For the size of their brick bungalow house, to have this much space in a bathroom and kitchen is pretty unheard of.  I need to find out where that hallway rug came from because I love it.

8415364742_024445d2bb_z 8415364732_0ae3045443_z

Miss Mila’s room — recognize the message board that her mom made at one of our Stitch and Bitches?  Great to see it in situ.

There’s more — a great downstairs with another amazing bathroom and they also have a great backyard – perfect for entertaining.  Hop over to the listing for more information:  That was fun.  I’ll have to look around for some more houses to visit.  I think that is part of why I enjoy the blogosphere so much — getting to see into people’s homes and also getting to share mine!  Cheers – CT

Post Script: For those of you interested in the runner rug like I am, I found out it’s from Crate & Barrel.


3 responses to “STL News – Designer’s house for sale!

  1. Looks very similar to my place. I wonder who built these homes. They are all over STL city and county.

  2. I love her color choices. They create such a serene feel. I love that hall rug too!

  3. I love that hallway runner! Please find out where she got it!

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