I’ve got my mind set on you . . .

My collection of succulent plants has been growing.   I just picked another one up on our uber-quick trip to Alabama (more about that later).  One succulent  I’ve been on the look out for  is a ZZ plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia for you green thumbs).  My mother-in-law has had a few for a while now and they are really hard to kill, good for not-so-great gardeners like me (you know, the ones who think they are good but really aren’t!).   One of the Plant Department helpful workers at Home Depot  told me that they had switched plant vendors and lo and behold, a ZZ plant of my very own.  (But seriously, the people at our Home Depot are so helpful, it kind of freaks me out every time.)

I love my ZZ  so much that I want it to be happy and live forever.  It needs a better home than the plastic pot it came in perched on a Target rip-off Aalto stool.  And that got me thinking . . . . what would be the perfect home for ZZ (PS – I wanted to name it Zappa but JT didn’t agree.  I name my plants.  Well some of them.  It makes it that much harder when they die). 
This is his perfect home:

The bullet planter!  In white!  Heaven.  Preferably this heaven would also be vintage although you can also buy them new from Design Within Reach.  I’m going to have to start saving my pennies now for Zappa to have his happy home.  

I also found this interesting option (below) at West Elm, in case Zappa and I just can’t wait any longer.  It’s more affordable, but with no West Elm store in the STL area, I imagine shipping this gorgeous beast will be an arm and a leg.

So, that’s where my mind is these days.  I’m a fixater.  But it’s also like sending out a silent prayer to the thrifting gods  — how can they know to send me a $5 garage sale Bullet Planter if I don’t ask for it?  Exactly.  For the other fixaters of the world,  here’s a little musical enjoyment for your day, from my favorite Beatle.  Hmmm . . . maybe I should name the ZZ “George”  . . .

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