Crafting in small quantities

Once I typed this blog post in, it reminded me again of how much I hate the word crafting.  The word conjures images of suburban housewives with nothing to do but knit yarn cozies for their Kleenex boxes.  Yikes

At any rate, I have been crafting a little bit lately.  Here’s what I’ve got . . . .
First off I’ve been doing some crazy sewing on some fabric I dyed deep grey.  The fabric came from an old sofa slipcover that was no longer in use.  So . . . . pillows!

With my limited sewing abilities, so far I’ve only made it to envelope back-style pillows.  One of these days I’m going to suck it up and do a zipper.

This picture makes it official, I am the WORST blog photographer ever. . . .

Another project that took me FOR.EV.ER. was this cute baby blanket.  My friend picked the colors of chocolate brown and pink for her nursery, which I love.  The deep brown makes the space really sophisticated.  Of course, she’s an interior designer too, so of course she would have a gorgeous nursery . . .

At any rate, this blanket didn’t get delivered until after the baby was delivered.  Way to go, CT.  But it had a box stitch in it that I had never done before and you had to count stitches and every other row was different . . . and . . . and . . .

I hope Miss Mila likes it.  Also, cutest baby name I have heard in a while!

The last thing that has been taking up my time is this great ruffle pillow.  I found the pattern and inspiration from Emily at Jones Design Company.   She’s got a lot of great tutorials on her site, a lot of them flower oriented.  If I get a crazy whim, I may or may not do another of them.

Again with the envelope back, again with the worst photographs in the world . . .

The fabric is a linen I scavenged from some curtains that had hung in my last college apartment.  I have a tendency to hide scraps of fabric away, like a squirrel storing acorns for the winter.  This pillow ended up going to my mom’s house for Mother’s Day.  Then she promptly texted (really, texted?  yes) requesting another.  They didn’t quite turn out as twins but I hope she enjoys them.  I learned how to make ruffles, so that’s one more sewing accomplishment in 2011. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Let the games begin!!!

One response to “Crafting in small quantities

  1. I am impresses with your “crafting”! Really, everything looks great! The blanket you made for Mila is awesome and I love the ruffle pillow. You have inspired me!

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