Gosh I’m Glad You’re Not What I Wanted

There is a little street about four down from ours where I like to walk the dogs.  I have a little loop so I don’t go by twice and look like a stalker.  Except I kind of am a stalker.  There are a few houses on this street that I just LOVE! 

This one (thanks to the scariness of Google Maps Streetview) —

It is pretty much perfection in my book.   Great lines, simple and they have really cool artwork hanging up inside. 

And this one  just a few houses down —

I have always loved the landscaping on this two family.  The evergreens are so unexpected and it looks so private and cozy.

Walking the monkeys by last night, there was also a new addition to the landscaping — a for sale sign. (See the listing here).  I almost died.  With so many projects planned for our little house on Lawn, I didn’t want to think that a dream house of mine might be for sale.  So as soon as we got home, I began the frantic internet search.
Here’s what I found . . .

So a little tradish for my tastes.  Which is fine, my tastes are not everyone’s tastes.  But I don’t think I could justify changing out all the nice work the current owners have done to this place just to make it more “my style”.  It needs to go to someone who will love it just as it is.  And as much as I love love love the private feel of the backyard, methinks the monkeys would not like having any grass and methinks I would not like them toileting on the patio. 

So….. life on Lawn is still looking pretty good.  I’m still dreaming about our bedroom makeover and should have some ideas pulled together soon.  I showed the new layout to JT last night.  He’s game but unsurprised at my sudden need to TOTALLY CHANGE EVERYTHING AROUND.  I guess that’s what it’s like to live with an interior designer.  Love you husband!

PS — Shenanigan got a doggy backpack one year for Christmas, spoiled little bastard.  He doesn’t wear it every walk, but it’s pretty cute when he does. (And they also wear Gentle Leaders so they don’t pull me all over South City!)

Wow that front porch behind Shenanigan looks RUFF!  We are working on that right now!  As soon as our new storm door comes in at Home Depot, I will have a before and after post.

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