Tupperware Jungle

One night as I was emptying the dishwasher, I went to set a reusable plastic container on the drying rack and found . . . .
There was no room!  Our collection of plastic storage containers was getting out of hand.  Also considering that I take my lunch to work every day and am often heating left-overs in said plastic containers, I began to question the health impact of eating a little bit of plastic with each meal.   It might be time to switch to glass . . . better for the environment, better for me.

Off to the interwebs I went.  (Is the word  interwebs still being used?  You guys know that’s a joke word right? )

I finally found this set from Snapware on Amazon.com  although when I happened to be browsing through, it was listed for $35.48 (now $52.99, boo).  Based on some other online research I had done (Target, Walmart, Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond), this seemed like a good deal so I bit.  I didn’t even think/ask/realize that the lid color might not be as shown in the picture.  The lids are pretty bright green . . . but it seems to work in the kitchen  —

The Big After —

I recycled a lot of our temporary plasticware but saved some of the big ones for freezer storage as I don’t think I’ll be using the glass for that.  I have a drawer I can tuck those other ones into, so for now only the glass storage is sitting out.  (And our Shenanigan as Elvis mug — so perfect — we got it on our trip to NYC last year).   I think the green lids look more intentional next to the greenery of our Hen and Chick plant.  (And it helps that I buffed up the countertops — they are custom concrete tops with recycled glass in them, done by local outfit CK Designs.)

So it’s not a jaw dropping jump up and down while screaming and crying reveal/change.  But that little corner of my kitchen counter makes me smile.

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