Drab to Fab

Um, so lame post title aside, I did some pillow magic over the weekend.   Thanks to much love from the dogs and JT and myself, our sofa pillows were starting to look a little dull.  I originally made these pillows from an old slipcover and some crazy “stitch art” (similar to the ones I posted about here) and the warm grey suited my winter mood. 

Now that we’ve gone through the hottest summer in ages and seem headed into a nice-ish fall, I’ve been wanting a quick and easy update.  Thanks to an iDye packet from Dick Blick, I transformed the pillows (and stained the inside of my washing machine) into a nice turquoise blue.  It matches the new front door color I painted the other day and makes me happy.

Any $4.00 and under makeover that adds this much cheeriness to a room is okay in my book. 

The next day the cb2 catalog appeared in the mailbox and what did I see but lovely little drops of turquoise everywhere.  So gorgeous. 

I’ve already informed JT that the table runner is coming to our house, soon to replace the Plynyl one for a while.  See that corner of the house here.  Changes are happening people.  Not big ones to be sure but something.  After living rather complacently in this house for the last few years I’m glad to be getting the motivation to start tackling some of these little things.  I think this little ol’ blog has been helping said motivation, so thanks for reading!  (Jessica!).

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