Storm Door Disaster

As I have hinted in a few previous posts, JT and I are working on revamping the front entry.  We did a little more this weekend . . . . but let’s go back to the beginning — here is what we were starting with:

First the front door went from white to my current favorite teal color.
 Next JT did some concrete work to the stairs and I painted them a nice earthy color with epoxy paint.  This weekend was supposed to be the final jewel in the crown, the installation of our brand new, full-light, amazing storm door.


We got the old door demoed out, and unpacked our sparkly new door.

Cue the needle scratch on the record now.

It was the wrong door!  But it was a special order!  The overly helpful employees at Home Depot made it right but we still have to wait another three weeks for the new special order door to come in.

So with about 5 spare hours on our hands where we were fully expecting to be sweating and cursing through the door installation process, JT and I instead tackled the planting beds on either side of the front door.  After hunting all over town, I had finally found some metal edging at Lowes.  I was really looking for the corrugated stuff and Lowes didn’t have the nice clear anodized metal color I was going for, so I made do with the chocolate brown instead.

After a quick dash to the city’s free mulch pile, we had a small *ta-da* project completed, albeit not the one we were planning on tackling.

Here’s another before shot — I went all Edward Scissorhands on the azalea bushes — they needed a lot of trimming!

All in all, it tidies up the front of the house well.  If I had my druthers, I would pull out all the azaleas and that scraggly evergreen at the west side of the house and do more of the ornamental grasses.  I couldn’t really justify ending three innocent azalea’s lives over it though.  Now that we don’t have a storm door for another three weeks (we put the old one in the alley and the metal scrappers/thieves had it hauled off in 40 minutes), we have to keep a closer eye on the furry ones.   Look at snoopy Mr. Shenanigan — he already has his long nose halfway out the door.

Posting this picture makes me realize we still have a bunch to do — sand and patch up the brick mold and lintel and paint the step into the house.  Good thing I have a few weeks!

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