Bedrooms are Back

Here is my next installment of music turned room scene that I have lamely nicknamed “Set the Scene”.

Ione Skye’s bedroom, featured in Domino magazine.
Photo by Paul Costello, Domino, Sept. 2005.

You guys remember Ione Skye, right?  No?  Let me refresh your memory.

Okay, so that’s not her, but she was the actress receiving the boom box serenade from Mr. John Cusack (whom I love) AKA Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything. 

This bedroom is so light and airy yet spirited and dare-I-say-funky that it’s a hard one to pass up.  Also, I am obsessed with bedroom images right now as I work furiously (at the pace of a 100-year-old tortoise) to reinvent/refresh/reinvigorate the JT/CT bedroom.

So, what music do you hear playing in this room?  For me, it’s the bad-ass Leona Naess song “Mayor of Your Town”.  You don’t want to piss this chick off . . . or get this song stuck in your head — it’s catchy!

Catchy, right?  Everyone needs some “lipstick to kiss kill”.

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