Hi, I’m CT and I’m a Craigslist-aholic

Let me stand up and say it again.  “Hello everyone, I’m CT and I’m a Craigslist-aholic.”  Does anyone else want to join my internet self-help group?

Although I think I have gleaned some gems of insight from “Celebrity Rehab” and good ol’ Dr. Drew (such a handsome man!) — addictions are things that interfere with one’s life to the point where it compromises one’s well-being.

Well Craigslist hasn’t ever been anything but good to me, so I don’t think it has crept into the addiction zone yet.

Over the years, I have sold the following on Craigslist:
Sectional sofa
A car!
Pub table and matching bar stools
Flat screen television
Funky 60s shelving from my Gram (it was cheap melamine, don’t get too upset)
Two twin mattress sets
Pair of Pottery Barn lamps
Pair of Kroehler olive green lounge chairs I found in the alley
Pair of white vinyl diner style chairs (I may have an addiction to matched pairs, BTW)
JT’s college days futon

Basically anything that is not nailed down or heavy with sentimental value will make it on the internet resale chopping block around our house.   And that’s why Craigslist has been so good to me — it has allowed me to sell of things we’re not using or no longer need to sustain my fiendish redecoration/furniture habit.  Which, at the end of the day might be the real addiction I suffer from!

Not being able to sleep the other morning at 4am, Shenanigan and I were up, browsing the “list”.  We spotted this:

Do I need this?  Not really.   But one of my 2011 New Year’s resolutions was to have a library and/or display our books in the house.  And I haven’t completed any of my resolutions . . . So I dashed off an email to the seller and complimented his Bertoia and Eames chairs slightly visible in the pictures as some extra insurance to help guarantee me the shelves. 

Dave called and off JT and I went in the furniture-hauling Saturn.  Turns out Dave might be a bit of what we call a hoarder.  He had a storage unit (it was more of a barn but I digress) full of treasures.  I wish I could have picked through it American Pickers style.  Two trips later, my precious shelving is right now tucked away in the music room/storage room (along with the box spring from our old bed) waiting for its new place in the house.  More to come . . . .

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