The difference a year can make . . .

Last year I was in New York City with my best friend Jessica and my husband, enjoying surprisingly warm NY weather and soaking in all the sights.
JT and I really enjoyed our trip and still talk about New York all the time.  Every time I open my Elle Decor, I am reminded of how much New York has to offer and in comparison how little there is in St. Louis (design-wise, you know). 

One year later, I am here.

There’s a big meeting with some engineers and construction manager about a project.  Oh joy.  (Isn’t my desk a horrible mess?  I couldn’t bear to photograph it the other way because the credenza behind my desk is even worse.  That’s what happens when you have about 10 projects go out in the span of a few months.)

Oh yeah — today is my 31st birthday.  Last year was the big 3-0.  Amazing the difference a year can make!  It is official — I am old(er).  Not really OLD old, but it is the first time I have gone to work on my birthday so I think that signifies a shift to adult life if nothing else does.

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