Music Room comes (back) to life

Because I seem to have decorator’s A.D.D., I jumped from the bedroom makeover to the office.  The bedroom is still moving forward but I am waiting on some swatches and my MISSONI to ship in.  I don’t want to pick a paint color until I have some of the larger objects together and so . . . . I got bored and looked around the house for another project.  (JT and I have also started drinking coffee in the evening which has prompted much more caffeine-fueled work than I ever thought possible, which may be a big mistake.)

So, the office.  When we first moved in to our house back in 2005 (yes it’s been that long and I still haven’t accomplished anything!  But I’m working on it!)  it was our bedroom for about two weeks.  But we realized quickly that the front room was more private and moved things over.  The office had gone through many many iterations since then, mainly a furniture warehouse for all the things I drag in and out of the house. 

Case in point — these pictures I unearthed from a few years back when I started doing the Apartment Therapy Cure on this room.  It didn’t quite stick.  Here’s the embarrassing evidence though —The desk and vinyl MCM sofa have already made their way into the living/dining room.  Those two dressers are currently in the bedroom but headed out of Dodge to make way for the armoire and dressing table.  The lamps have also relocated to the living/dining room as well. (PS – I’m not a huge fan of guns, like at all, but those were my dad’s and right now we don’t know quite what else to do with them.)
For the two weeks it was a bedroom, we had painted it Sherwin Williams Decorous Amber, which is a nice burnt orange color.  Then I painted back a few of the walls to Amazing Gray (the color of most of the walls in the living room) and I thought I would paint the ceiling too.  It has since been painted back to white.  What a disaster!  As you can see, the office is really a music room and there is a lot of gear that needs a home.

Here’s what the office looks like more recently:

( You may have noticed from the photos that JT has revolving guitars going on, so he can’t really give me any grief about revolving furniture.  We’re a good match like that.)

We got that giant white/wood drawer from Warehouse of Fixtures — it used to be a sweater drawer in the Gap I think.  Great storage and JT’s speaker cabinets look nice sitting on it.  The mahogany piece sitting next to the drawer is on the way out and next to it is my future dressing table, which currently holds JT’s recorder/mixer thing and needs to be painted/made pretty before its debut in the bedroom.

Remember a while back I dragged home some more furniture from Craigslist?  Well on a coffee-adled binge last night, I convinced JT to help me start assembling/moving/changing the room around.  AGAIN.  And he agreed.  What a good husband.
It doesn’t look like much just yet . . . but it’s gonna!!! 

Here’s the plan —This New & Improved Music Room/Office has me excited for two reasons and they are both things I had on my 2011 New Year’s resolutions.

1.  I have always wanted a proper place to display our books (a library!) and now with the new shelving they can sit out instead of languishing in storage bins.  Also, all our vinyl will have a home too, yippee.
2.  I want to have a piano/keyboard/organ in the house to encourage me to work on my music more and for JT to master (he masters all instruments almost immediately).

Before we get the shelving all bolted together and settled along the one wall, this room needs a coat of paint desperately.  I’m on the fence right now between A) a creamy white that will blend the shelving into the wall B) the deep turquoise/teal/sapphire blue color that I’m digging right now or C) a nice gray color that I am leaning towards for the bedroom.  I think if I do Option B I may have to paint the ceiling as well, so that makes me a little nervous.  Anyone want to vote as to what color it should be?  I’d love to hear some input!

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