Start Me Up . . .

Once I started changing up the office/music room, I just couldn’t help myself.  So Thursday, after a discussion with JT, I popped out and bought a can of paint . . .
When I paint (lefty), I don’t know what to do with my free hand and I always end up with it on my hip like so  . . .

Here’s what’s gone down so far . . .
Elvis lives!  We really just have that taped back there to amuse a friend who spent the night on the air mattress one time.  Who can’t resist a little Elvis? (This girl :: points to self with thumbs::).

The “During” shot still needed another coat which I did yesterday.  My fabulous iPhone photography makes it hard to really see the color all the way, but I love it.  JT wants it for the bedroom as well so we’ll have a nice little sleeping cave.  It’s Bosporous by Sherwin Williams.  I’ll get some more (and hopefully better pictures) once the tape is down and the shelves are pushed back into place.  Because the office is such a dumping ground for all my furniture orphans, right now I am painting it one half at a time and shoving everything over to the other side. .  .

In other update news, my Missoni arrived!  Well really only part of it so I’m still skeptical as to whether the rest will ship.  But it works with the color scheme perfectly.
I think most of it will go to the bedroom but with me, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. 

Speaking of singing fat ladies and Mick Jagger and Elvis, I saw 4 bands in three days this weekend and my legs are aching from jumping up and down for three hours straight.  I’ll post more about that later (maybe tomorrow, dunno it’s BUSY at work).

Have a great week!

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