Another Weekend Update . . .

Monday is BACK.  How?  I don’t know.  Also, it’s October.  Crazy.  But we had gorgeous weather this weekend in St. Louis and I got a lot done.  Yay.

First up was finishing off some pesky little things from other projects . . . I’m not always the best about finishing one project before I jump into the next one . . . .
Like the front steps.  I painted everything except the one at the door (because I thought it would get scratched up during new door installation) and the side by the azaleas (because I thought I would get scratched up!)

The azaleas did try to eat me but I put a towel around all the scratchy branches so I could push them back long enough to get my brush in there and paint it.  The epoxy paint has proven to be very durable so far, I would definitely recommend it as an outdoor coating.

The office . . . . I’ve been painting ’til I’m blue in the face . . . .

It’s STILL NOT DONE!  But it’s getting closer.  One step at a time . . .

But a girl (okay adult-type lady) still needs time to relax and refresh.  So Sunday JT and I headed to the winery with his dad and step-mom for a belated birthday lunch.

The drive was scenic, the wine was very good and we had the best weather ever. 

There’s nothing like sitting outside getting comfortably inebriated with a group of friends and strangers alike.  All in all a great weekend.  Cheers to a great week ahead!

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