Sometimes I feel like the internet is taunting me . . .

. . . . like today, for instance.  Browsing through the interwebs, I clicked through a few blogs to end up at Rocket Century, a local STL  MCM resource (but really it’s online only/mostly).  Not only do I find out I had missed an open house/warehouse sale there, but I see this  on their site . . . .

My dream home for my ‘ZZ’ plant, also affectionately known as Zappa or George.  He’s still sitting there in his sad Home Depot pot on his sad wanna-be-Alvar-Aalto-but-really-from-Target stool.  Sigh.  And this is honest-to-goodness vintage.  $125 is still a lot to spend on this right now considering all the other projects I want to do . . . Sorry Zappa.

The Internet continued to knock me around when I spotted this on SF Girl By Bay’s site:

The image was originally posted here on a Spanish (?) design site.  Even in Spanish (not a language I know, except maybe those few words that everyone knows – burrito, chihuahua, etc.), this image says “Here’s the Saarinen table you’ve been searching for to make your bedroom complete and perfect forever and ever.”  Well maybe not that, but you know, what I was thinking when I posted about my search for a Tulip Table earlier in the month.

And to add insult to injury, I saw on The Brick House (another blog I follow religiously) that Morgan just found a Tulip (Coffee) table on Craigslist for $100!!!  I’m glad the thrifting gods smiled on someone, even if it’s not me. 

The knock-out punch came this morning when I got an email from Design Within Reach (of rich people) that the Knoll sale (Tulip table is Knoll) was ending.  Sigh again. 

I think I may need to unplug from the internet this weekend to keep from being battered any more.  Is there a support group for Internet Bullying of the Online Shopping variety?

In all reality, I have my health, I have a wonderful husband and supportive family and fun, great friends.  I have a job that I enjoy, I have a place to live and I have the dogs for entertainment and companionship.  I have this blog to vent my frustrations and share my design ideas.  I don’t need a tulip table or a bullet planter to complete any happiness of mine. 

However, I do believe in surrounding oneself with beautiful, artistic, inspirational things that will last for generations to come, so one day when I’m making the big bucks (call me in thirty years?), they will be mine!!

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