One of these things is not like the other . . .

I’ve mentioned before my complete and inexplicable love of sheepskins.  I am a vegetarian (sort of – fish, dairy and eggs all make their way onto my plate) but somehow I can’t seem to reconcile this with my love of animal skins.  Maybe vintage animal skins make it okay?  Like if the animal died over 30 years ago and I’m just “recycling” it to keep it out of the landfill?

Thankfully on our marathon one day IKEA trip, I found a faux answer.

The nice thing about the faux sheepskins is that they are listed as washable.  Which is good because Sophie really goes to town on those bones and the after result is not pretty.  So I had already washed that one a few times but left it out to air dry based on the tag’s directions.

Then one morning we discovered one of the dogs had PEED on their nice sheepskin and scrunched it into a ball while trying to hide the evidence.  No one has fessed up yet as to who the culprit is. (They don’t seem too concerned with it actually.  Maybe because they’re dogs.)

So it got washed again, in hot water this time AND put through the dryer.

So now I have all three kinds of sheeps living in one room — the real one I put on the Lucite computer stool, the faux (non-washed) un-doggified ones I have on the dining room bench seating as well as on the white vinyl side chair and the curly sheep (faux that’s been washed) stayed on the floor for the dogs to destroy a little more.  What spoiled dogs.

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