A new family member . . . (Spoiler alert, it’s a tree, don’t freak out)

JT would probably prefer that our newest family “member” be one of these Little Walters —

But it’s not, it’s this Little Walter —

We got an indoor tree!  Something I have always, always wanted, especially after seeing them in all the glossy spreads of fancy people’s homes.  At first I contemplated naming him Morrissey because he would be sort of solitary and asexual.  But Little Walter won out.  (I may be the only one who names my houseplants, but I’m okay with that.)  I’m a little frustrated with Home Depot because it doesn’t identify exactly what type of tree/bush/plant Little Walter is.  On the tag, he is labeled as “Living Accents – Foliage – Medium Light”.  Great.

I’ll probably be looking for a nice pot for Little Walter on our upcoming, much anticipated IKEA trip.  I didn’t want Zappa, the ZZ plant to get jealous though, so I’ve been making him a sisal rope “pot”.

I simply got a $13 sisal rope cone at Home Depot and I’ve been crocheting it ’round and ’round to create a decorative sheath to put over the black plastic pot it came in.  We’ll see how it turns out — it’s slow going for me with the sisal because it’s kind of rough on my hands and it leaves a big mess of flakes behind.

That’s the plant news for now — back to your regularly scheduled week!

4 responses to “A new family member . . . (Spoiler alert, it’s a tree, don’t freak out)

  1. Wow, you had my hopes up that your new family member was going to be small and pinkish and with some brown hair, not tall and green and only wanting water to exist!! I am sure your mom thought the same thing!!

  2. Great new addition Court! Don’t forget to speak sweet nothings to it lol

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