Transmute is the new tweak

You guys, I was getting really sick of the word “tweak.”  We use it at work ALL THE TIME because as designers, nothing is ever quite right and we’re always searching for those little adjustments (tweaks) to get a project further along.  I’ve been using that word a lot here on the blog as well to describe all the little adjustments I am continually and perpetually making to our home. 

So, more little adjustments . . . remember way back in January when I started this sisal crochet wonder?  Probably not because that was above 4 months ago.

At  any rate, I finished up the sisal crochet to make a little pot snuggie for the ZZ plant, George.  Or Zappa.  We call him different things.

Before George/Zappa was just hanging out in a standard issue green pot  and once we brought Hans and Wenger, the new chairs, home, he now has a floor light (can uplight from cb2) behind him to light the easel from below since we took off the clip light that used to be above. 

And now he has a fancy new coat.  I “dipped” the bottom in black paint to help it stand off the wood floor.  The sisal made it a little hard to get the color in there evenly but overall I am happy with how it turned out.  The whole skein of sisal was $13 at Home Depot and I didn’t even use half of it . . .  so maybe more (dipped) pots are in my future?  Maybe I’ll finish another in 5 months . . .

In other plant adjustments, the plant we originally put in the Bullet Planter was sad.

So sad that I didn’t even take a picture of it before I took it out.  (Not to fear, I put him in a little blue ceramic pot and I’m going to take him to work for some healing time.  Is that the dog equivalent of going to live on the farm?)  But picture it with about four and a half leaves thanks to Sophie Machete Tail.

Yep, that one.

But she also does an angelic face, so it’s hard to be so mad at her.  And also the reason she is usually wielding her machete tail is because we’re home and she’s so happy to see us . . . so she’s forgiven.

But we had to replant the Bullet with something that could survive the Sophie. A succulent garden planter at Home Depot caught my eye because it had a nice variety and was a good scale to survive the tail.

And, because all the plants seem to have names, I named them Larry, Curly (the little “curly” guy in front), Moe and Shemp.

Any more tweaks?  I mean adjustments?  Don’t worry, if there are, I’ll be back with all the details.  Have a great rest of the week, everyone.  We’re almost to a long weekend.  There’s a lot of plans and a little renovation going on . . .

5 responses to “Transmute is the new tweak

  1. LOVE your sisal pot cover. Awesome look. I have to ask what the heck is the real name of that plant? I have one and it’s going crazy… but every time someone asks me what it is, I can’t remember.
    Your succulents look great too. I’m a plant freak so I love seeing how people use plants in their home. Lovely!!!

    • Hi Stacey — sorry for the belated reply, we’ve been in Memphis, home of Elvis and the ancient Greeks. The plant is a ZZ plant, which has an actual name of “Zamioculcas Zamiifolia”. They’re also called a money plant sometimes. They’re really hard to find here in STL but so worth it if you do track one down because they are nearly impossible to kill. Actually by fussing with it too much is probably the only way one can go wrong. It’s the perfect plant! Thanks – CT

      • No wonder mine is going crazy! I never mess with it… it’s totally neglected which seems to be what it likes.
        Thank you so much!!! Memphis is fun. I traveled there a few years ago to see Tom Waits at the Orpheum. Of course we had to see Graceland too. Good fun!

  2. Love the succulents and bullet planter. Those things blow me away every time I see them!

    • Thanks Nick Armadillo! One of the Stooges isn’t doing too good so we might end up with a trio . . . we’ll see. Nice pun (intentional or not) on the bullet planter! Cheers – CT

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