Green Shag, what a sale (delayed reaction . . .)

The Green Shag Market, an antique mall (the best kind!) just put on a parking lot sale two Saturdays ago now.  We may or may not have made our Memphis vacation a little shorter to accommodate said sale.  Whatever, I have a vintage buying addiction and I’m not afraid to admit it.

So, sale.  I didn’t take a lot/hardly any pictures AT the sale because I feel uber-awkward with a camera around people I don’t know. . . so, here’s what I got:

 Mister Modtomic, who is much braver with his camera than I am, covered the booths pretty well — check out his post here.  If you look close, you may even see me in there (Where’s Waldo style) with my new red “vacation hair color”.  Because that’s what people do on vacation, they dye their hair.

What’s more important (to me) is the “haul” from the sale.  We’re pretty full up here at the Living Analog abode on furniture so I tried to avoid it . . . and still ended up with one larger item.

The bar cart was only $15 and I couldn’t resist it.  It needs a little cleaning — the lady I bought it from said when she found it, it had contact paper from the 70s covering up all the black and white retro star goodness.  But I think I’m going to put it in my back porch and use it as a potting bench of sorts so it doesn’t have to be too clean.

JT snagged up the cool 13 colonies/13 stars American Flag reproduction.  I’m thinking we might tack it to a frame and use it for some artwork.  I found a large silk scarf for only $5 and then had to plan an outfit around it so I could wear it to work . . I love me some vintage (or any) scarves, and on a quick trip to Iowa last weekend, my grandma hooked me up with some more.

Hmm, what else did I buy . . . it’s been so long I almost forgot! 

I got a cute little (toothy looking) footed planter/collect all bowl from the Rocket Century booth.  The pretty bracelet things inside are actually a $2 set of fun napkin rings which look pretty good for a garden party on our new backyard dining table.  I semi-reluctantly bought the candle holders because I don’t really need candle holders . . . .but I couldn’t resist.  I’m thinking I need to find some funkier color of candles to use these two.  Turns out they’re from Ikea, go figure.  The pretty coasters are actually tin squares (that we will use as coasters) from Secondhand Hannah (one of my favorite STL bloggers).  I wasn’t sure at first because the tags only said “Secondhand” and there was a man working at the table but it was later confirmed by my brother and sister in-law.  I wish I had known at the time so I could say hi!

I also got this from Secondhand Hannah’s stall:

Cover Your Lover.  Classic and great and BLUE!  It will probably get stashed away until winter but for $7 I couldn’t resist.  (Are we noticing a pattern here?  I need to build up some resistance skills!)

And here is what happened when I started this photo shoot. . . first one dog comes nosing in, then two . . .

But I can’t resist their cute little faces . . .

. . . even if Shenanigan is giving me the stink-eye.  So that’s it from Green Shag.  Next weekend is a sale at Rocket Century . . . lock away your wallet, husband.

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