Do you realize . . .

We’re floating in space?

Yes, that’s my man Wayne Coyne in the giant ball at LouFest.  Yes I jumped up and down for two hours in the mud and took terrible iPhone pictures.  Yes it was amazing.   Yes I am still hobbling around two days later because my legs were not ready to be jumping up and down for two hours.  Yes it was worth it!!

Because half of you may be scratching your heads right now at my cryptic ramblings, please amuse your ears with this amazing song.  I hope it gets played at my funeral.

Do You Realize by The Flaming Lips

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Shenanigan helps me with a sewing project:

So helpful.  I needed a giant furry paperweight just then.

And, the music room gets taken over by thrift store picture frames, soon to make their way into the almost finished bathroom!  A lot has been happening in the littlest room of our house — new trim has been installed, caulked and painted.  Shelves are up.  Hooks are up.  Turkish towels are up.  And soon, I’ll put a blog post up!  Cheers – CT

2 responses to “Do you realize . . .

  1. Girl… it’s “summertime” – don’t be “ego trippin” just because you’re about to win the “race for the prize”! I’m “buggin” and “waiting for superman” to help me on my projects… otherwise I’m afraid I’ll be hearing the “sound of failure”! Okay, Okay, It’s a gift… I can talk in sound titles!!! ESPECIALLY bands I LOVE! YAY! Flaming Lips lover!!! Beck opened up for them last time we saw ’em. It was so awesome. Everyone dressed in rabbit suits and crazy outfits, confetti, the big crowd surfing ball along with beach balls all over the auditorium, the lights…. We had a BLAST. So I do “realize” what you’re talking about. That sore body has had some fun. Good for you! Also good for you that you’re progressing so well with your August project. Can’t wait to see it all.

    • Thanks Stacey. I think that’s the best time I’ve had at a concert in a while. I’ve heard the Lips are pretty much always good to see live though. I was listening to Yoshimi at the dentist last week when I was getting a crown and thought the dentist could probably hear the music coming out of my mouth. Either that or he gave me too much laughing gas . . . Cheers – CT

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